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February 20, 2013
6:30 pm

The Russian-American Dental Association launched a charity initiative in New York. Children with special needs will now be given dental care with the help of trained specialists. Here’s more from our correspondents.

Music by Mendelssohn and Schubert were played to usher in a new charity project, launched in New York by the Russian-American Dental Association.

“Special Care for Special Kids” is a program that will help train dentists and other medical professionals to provide care for children with special needs.

Such children account for almost one fifth of all kids in the United States.

[Dr. Rada Sumareva, President of RADA]:
“About 18 percent of children suffer from some kind of disability condition. This is almost every fifth child in the country. Naturally, they all need special help and trained professionals to take care of them.”

The program, funded by the Association, will train dentists and other specialists to work with disabled children and provide health services to them free of charge.

[Dr. Dmitry Stillman, RADA Board Member]:
“This is indeed a real problem — such a large number of children with special needs. The number is growing. And they need help, which is a difficult process. This process brings tremendous satisfaction, great joy, if we can provide for it.”

Specialists from Russia will be receiving training as well in the course of the project.

[Dr. Dmitry Stillman, Member of Board of Directors of RADA]:
“We have received a few requests from Russian childrens’ dentists and anesthesiologists to come here. These specialists help children get necessary dental treatments.”

Music during the launch was performed by the renowned “Aviv” string quartet.

The Aviv String Quartet

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